Why ‘The 20-20 Grief Project’

Upon reflecting on my own losses, from more than 20 years ago, I’ve come to realize that the ways in which myself and the friends and family around me had processed our loss those years ago versus how it feels, and how we honor that time today, have shifted a lot.

As someone who works daily with those suffering from grief and loss, the idea for The 20-20 Grief Project felt important and hopeful. Understand that using relational dialogue around the “language of loss,” paired with a deep need to be understood and heard and connected, during such an emotional time, fueled my desire to create this healing, common-experience environment.

My goal is to cultivate a comfortable space for those who wish to share their own stories of grief and loss, reflecting on how they felt at the time of their loss versus how they feel now, twenty years later. What has changed, what hasn’t. How did they work through the pain at the time and what may still linger today. And ultimately a space where those who are experiencing a more recent loss can come to get a sense for what’s ahead and what’s possible after a loved one has died.

This is a project of shared human connectedness, vulnerability, and kindness for those sharing and reading these stories of pain and loss. This is about helping others cope with their more immediate grief while also providing a space for release, sharing, and looking toward the future, beyond the more immediate and acute pain you or your loved one(s) may be experiencing or have experienced.

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