The 20-20 Grief Project Podcast

Exploring real, uninhibited conversations about loss and grief—The 20-20 Grief Project Podcast was created by Diane P. Brennan, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor—inviting everyday discussions, conversations, and storytelling around death, dying, grief, and loss. It also explores the psychology of loss and grief, allowing listeners to be more curious and less afraid of the topic of death and dying.

Are you looking to better understand grief with all the loss in the world right now? Have you been wanting to make sense of, or navigate life after loss? Or wish to better support someone else who is grieving? The 20-20 Grief Project Podcast strips away the taboo nature of talking about death, grief, and loss, and focuses on true stories directly from those who have experienced it. If you’ve been questioning life and death after your own loss, want to understand someone else’s loss, or are simply curious about the topic of death and dying, this podcast is for you.

This podcast is an extension of The 20-20 Grief Project, started in 2018 in response to Diane’s own desire to understand the lasting effects of grief in our lives. Inspired by the phrase, “hindsight is 20-20,” this project features real people, real stories, and real grief.

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8 Ways to Ease Your Grief (free downloadable PDF)