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Why Talking About The Death Matters | Sibling Loss Awareness

In this clip, featuring two different Stories of Loss, we learn of an overlapping wish that both women wish they knew and acted on sooner when reflecting on their respective sibling losses. Watch Marianne’s full interview here: Sara’s full interview here: If you’d like to watch more stories or share your own, please…

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One Thing You MUST Do After Losing a Loved One | Sibling Loss Awareness

In this short clip, of two separate Stories of Loss, we hear a shared thought that both Marianne and Sara said they wish they’d done after losing their loved ones, more than 30 years ago. While these are two very different stories there is an overlapping message revealed in reflecting on the losses of their…

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A Car Accident & Childhood Brain Cancer | Sibling Loss Awareness

For Sibling Loss Awareness Month we’ve put together some clips, from two different 20-20 Grief Project interviews, discussing sibling loss. In this video, we hear from Marianne about the death of her 6-year-old sister, to brain cancer and from Sara about her brother’s fatal car accident, more than 30 years ago. Watch Marianne’s full interview…

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