You know the phrase “hindsight is 20-20”, right? The whole idea that when we look back at something that has happened in the past we can essentially view it with a clearer understanding and see things that were not obvious at the time.

One day after a counseling session with a client, I began to think about hindsight as it relates to grief. We were talking about the loss of my client’s brother and what it was going to be like 20 years down the road, when she was older and her brother was not around to share in her life.

After my client left the office I took a moment to reflect and found myself in a puddle of tears. It was in this moment that I realized the symbolism of the day for me. It was the 20-year death anniversary of my brother, John. The power of that moment was absolutely unforgettable.

As I began to collect my thoughts and prepare for the remainder of my day I realized this connection with grief and hindsight. I wanted to be able to provide my client with stories about what her grief might feel like in 20 years, and how her brother could remain an integral part of her life.

I decided to ask people to share their stories, quite simply - What do you remember about your loss 20 years ago? And, What does it feel like today?

And this is how my idea was born: The 20-20 Grief Project.

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Since 2008 I’ve been working with people who are grieving, first with hospice and now in private practice. I began counseling after spending 20+ years in training and organizational development leading large scale organizations, facilitating change and transformation.

I am a counselor, educator, and advocate. I love to help people better understand grief and the grieving process. My work has been featured in the documentary, The Secret Map of Surviving Loss, a film that tells the story of five individuals and their personal journey through loss.

Click HERE to read the full version of my personal story of back-to-back-to-back loss and grief and how it led me here, to this project, today.