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8 Ways to Ease Your Grief (free downloadable PDF)

Welcome to The 20-20 Grief Project

My name is Diane Brennan and in this space we explore real stories, from real people, of loss and grief — from at least twenty years ago.

Nothing brings us to our knees like the very real and shared human experience of sudden loss. Death has a way of transcending everyday “stuff” and instead pulls at a deeper understanding of compassion, gentleness, and a somewhat forced form of individual and collective transformation.

As we combine the transformative power of storytelling with very real and raw examples of, “It will get better,” my hope for this project is that we may collectively find healing and peace.For others who have also experienced terrible loss and grief (or may have close friends or relatives coping with their own loss and grief) I do hope that you will now see how very NOT alone you are, and how—in what once felt like a terribly desperate and isolating time—others did find a way through to the other side of their losses.

This is a space built for a ‘come as you are’ community, cultivated support, and a deep understanding of where you’ve been and what lies ahead.

In the early 1990s my father and brother both died within two years of one another. From then on the trajectory of my life and career changed as I began to study loss and grief. Now, more than twenty years later I’m seeing how the loss of both beloved family members affected me then, at the times of their deaths and now, more than twenty years later.

Since turning my experiences into what has become a career of helping others understand, process, and cope with their own experiences of loss and grief, I now proudly offer this platform for others to share their stories as well.


This dreamscape collage was created around the 20th anniversary of the death of my brother, John. It allowed me to take my collective memories and visualize the way I most enjoyed remembering him. It was wonderful to have a “new picture” of my brother, 20 years later.

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8 Ways to Ease Your Grief (free downloadable PDF)